Who We Are

As photographers, we have always loved capturing life in it’s most raw moments. Whether that was our wedding day, our travels in Europe or just everyday, simple life. Through the years we have developed a passion for not only capturing beauty through the lens of our cameras, but we’ve discovered a new passion for helping others to bring their  stories to life. We believe stories are powerful and important and we enjoy helping our customers tell those stories through the creation of personalized woodprints. Because we are a family owned business we are able to provide unparalleled customer service while maintaining the highest quality products.

Our name portrays a sense of raw, natural beauty. The definition of unrefined is “in a natural state, without having been through a chemical or industrial process to remove unwanted parts; not refined”. Our hope is that when you receive your woodprint, you’ll see how the unrefined, natural beauty of our wood complements the essence of your most loved photos. Our name also carries a deeper, more personal meaning to us. As followers of Jesus, we have experienced how God uses the most unrefined (in man’s eyes) to accomplish His perfect will. My family and I are flawed, broken, and unrefined people; but Jesus steps in and turns our darkness to light and our imperfections to things of beauty. 

Our Mission

Since January of 2017, 5% of every woodprint sale has gone directly to support the ministry Harvesting in Spanish. This ministry encompasses the Shalom Children’s Home, a medical clinic, a school, and other facilities in  El Salvador.

We donate 5% of every sale because although we love making woodprints, our first love is Jesus Christ.  Everything we have belongs to God, so we are simply giving a little back to Him. Our goal in everything is to please God.

Thank you in advance for supporting the children of the Shalom Home by purchasing handcrafted woodprints from Unrefined Art.


Niles, Michigan

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